Multiple Intelligence

I think I am happy with my top three choices of :Lingustic, Logical and Intrapersonal and Interpersonal.

  • Lingustic  i am happy of choosing that because I can be good at  word smart, reading , writing and talking about things that i can achieve my goals to become better at lingustic.

Logical : I am very keen that i am good at using my logical tatics  very well because i am good at my mathmetics, number activites and sloving problems.

  • Interpersonal: I am liking that i can use an another intelligence because i like talking to people, working with good people and team sports.

Intrapersonal: I have got a personal strength that i can do to change myself  by keeping a diary to know about my strength and my weakness.

i absouletly agree with the three Intellgences that could change the way that i am learning about different things.